Vandals create a mess for Suffolk residents over holiday weekend

Posted at 6:07 PM, Jul 08, 2014

Suffolk, Va. - While most people were relaxing over the holiday weekend, some people in Suffolk were forced to clean up after vandals.

Cars and mailboxes were spray painted in some areas, and in another someone poured what looked like bleach over some of the cars.

"I just couldn't believe it," said Jenna Lancaster.  It happened to her friend's car while she was staying at Lancaster's home on Fallawater Way, a  neighborhood off of Godwin Blvd.

"When she got up it was all over her car, the back of her car and the driveway," said Lancaster.

It caused the chrome on the back of the car to rust.  A few of her neighbors dealt with the same thing.

Elsewhere, red and green spray paint were used.

On Brackley Ct., someone went right down the street, spray painting a car parked along the curb, the driveway on the other side and mailboxes at the other end.

The mailboxes have since been painted over and the van's owner was able to get the paint off with some WD-40, but the mess left on the driveway wasn't as easy to get off.

It's still visible after pressure washing it.

According to police reports, two cars in another neighborhood on Highland Ave. were also spray painted.

Though the neighborhoods vandalized are a few miles apart from each other, police say the crimes may be connected, since in some of the cases, the same combination of red and green spray paint was used and the vandalism all happened overnight on the fourth.