58 without a home after apartment fire in Chesapeake

Posted at 6:45 AM, Jul 09, 2014

Chesapeake, Va. - A kitchen fire has displaced 58 occupants of the Heron’s Landing Apartments on South Military Highway in Chesapeake.

Firefighters were called to the fire at 10:17 p.m. The building’s fire sprinkler system extinguished the fire in the kitchen of a second floor apartment, but caused water damage to apartments on the first and second floors.

Due to water damage, electrical power to the building was turned off. Workers say it should be back on tomorrow, if not late today.

The Fire Department is working with Heron’s Landing management to arrange for accommodations for the displaced occupants.

fire1The cause of the fire appears to be cooking related. One of the building’s occupants suffered from smoke inhalation, but refused transport to the hospital.

There were no other injuries.

The apartments were built through the Virginia Supportive Housing group - all 58 residents that live there are former homeless adults that receive assistance.

Among offices, the first floor of the building also houses the Virginia Supportive Housing's food pantry where the group stores donations to feed the residents and provide them with any household goods and hygiene products they might need. All of the food was destroyed due to water damage.

Donations can be taken to:
Virginia Supportive Housing
431 W. 24th Street
Norfolk, VA