Kwaume Edwards arrested for murder 3 times in just 8 years

Posted at 7:36 PM, Jul 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-13 19:36:07-04

Kwaume Edwards is in jail tonight accused of his third murder in 8 years.

Edwards was accused of murdering 28 year old Johnathon Bradely Coles back in May but had been a fugitive on the run until Saturday. After an hour and a half standoff with Police outside a hotel in Newport News, Kwaume Edwards was finally arrested.

Details of the arrest found here:

Hours after the arrest, we caught up with Margaret Eaddy, Bradely Coles' mother. She tells us she is hoping for justice for her son, exclaiming, "I want to tell him I'm not satisfied that they caught you. I want you to suffer because my son can not get up and come back, he's going to be dead forever, we aren't going to be able to hug him no more, but they are going to be able to hug you."

The family wants answers as to how this murder could happen in the first place. News Channel 3 has learned that Edwards has a long criminal history as he was arrested twice before for murder.

His first murder arrest was in 2006 in York County when Kwaume Edwards was 17 years old. The victim was 29 year old Michael Tyler. Edwards and his cousin were both convicted of the murder in 2007. They were both sentenced to decades in prison but months into his sentence, a judge overturned the conviction and Edwards was free.

Four years later in July 2011, Kwaume was arrested for murder again. The victim was 21 year old Ricky Calloway who was murdered in Hampton. However, prosecutors moved to have the charges against him dropped.

We also learned that Edwards was arrested just 7 months ago for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.

With all these charges and no convictions, Coles' mother worries that justice won't be served for her son.