Pierce’s Pitt BBQ ranked one of the best in the south

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jul 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-14 18:36:18-04

BBQ -- it's a "personal thing," according to JC Pierce, the owner of Pierce's Pitt BBQ.

"It's just what you grew up with. Everyone thinks whatever they grew up going to their family is the best they ever had," Pierce says.

The barbecue sauce is what sets each region a part. In Williamsburg, Pierce's sauce is what's landing the restaurant on a USA TODAY list, calling them one of the best in the country.

Pierce was there when his parents poured the foundation to the family-owned restaurant. Forty-three years later, he's running it, and winning awards left and right.

"My dad always said the best press you can buy is the one you didn't pay for,--when someone else is talking about you because you can talk about yourself all day long ," Pierce says.

He tells NewsChannel 3 it's not only family-owned. His customers are part of the family, too.

"We have another customer who comes every day. If you don't see him by 10 am, then you know something's going on.  He sits in the same spot every morning."

But it's only a few who know the top-secret recipe to their sauce and don't bother asking Pierce.

"I don`t know what to say except it is a family recipe! I can`t go anymore than that! That`s all I can tell you," he says.