NewsChannel 3 takes action for fire victims of Heron’s Landing

Posted at 10:49 AM, Jul 15, 2014

NewsChannel 3 is taking action to help our neighbors.

Four dozen people were forced out of their homes because of a fire in Chesapeake.

These people had been homeless before.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire at Heron's Landing. But many people lost even the food they were planning to eat.

Fifty-eight formerly homeless people were driven out of their temporary homes at a Chesapeake apartment building because of a fire on Tuesday, July 8.

Water forced the electricity to be turned off and food spoiled.

So NewsChannel 3 decided to take action.

"Let's go shopping."

Armed with $500 of the boss's money, WTKR intern Jennifer and Les Smith went shopping at the Walmart on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk.

With a shopping list and a handful of cash, they were going to spend it to get the residents of Heron's Landing back on their feet.

It took several trips, but the $500 was spent, and then some -- almost $100 more!

Walmart not only helped foot the bill, they even helped NewsChannel 3 load up the news truck and get on the way to Chesapeake.

Then it was NewsChannel 3's pleasure to deliver the goods to the pantry at Heron's Landing.

"Fantastic. This is awesome."

"This will help us immensely. It will be a great blessing to our residents."

"NewsChannel 3 took action for us. Thank you so much."

Almost all the residents were able to move back into Heron's Landing on Thursday, July 10. It just opened a little over a year ago. It's paid for by the cities of South Hampton Roads to give formerly homeless people a place to live inexpensively.