Vivo the Corolla horse is now six weeks old

Posted at 3:48 PM, Jul 18, 2014

Today in the Outer Banks - an update on one of our favorite stories.

Vivo the horse is now six weeks old.

NewsChannel 3 brought you the story of Vivo the young colt back in May. Now, he is six weeks old.

Vivo was the wild horse born with leg problems, that caused him to walk on his tip-toes.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund rescued Vivo and took the time and energy to repair his defect.

He had surgery, and then like most juveniles, sported colorful casts for a few weeks.

Today you would never know he ever had a problem.

Vivo is walking just fine. In fact, we'll do you one better! Volunteers tell us he loves to run and jump.

Soon, he will be introduced to some of the others awaiting adoption. In case you are wondering, why not just turn him loose back into the wild?

Volunteers tell NewsChannel 3 that once a horse is taken off the beach, it cannot be returned to the wild herd.

In Vivo's case, he has been handled so much by humans that he is virtually tame. That's why the horse needs to be protected.

The rules for the wild horses: Look! Don't touch!

Visitors should stay 50 feet away from the herd.

The executive director for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund tells us the worst reason to remove a horse from the beach is because they have had too much exposure to humans.

The horses: creatures of beauty to be admired from a distance.

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