How much is it costing taxpayers to fix Ft. Eustis Blvd. in Newport News?

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jul 22, 2014

When a heavily used bridge outside of an Army base goes from four lanes to two, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Traffic jams have plagued drivers on Fort Eustis Boulevard since April of last year, as the City of Newport News replaces an aging 54-year-old bridge over the CSX tracks.

But mistakes have plagued the project causing these backups to last longer than they should.

Now a NewsChannel 3 investigation is uncovering the city of Newport News is paying millions more than budgeted with taxpayers footing the growing bill.

So how much will you be paying, and when will your commute start to return to normal?

NewsChannel 3's Laurie Simmons investigates tonight at 5.