Missing girl from Missouri found in Chesapeake motel

Posted at 1:45 PM, Jul 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-27 19:05:46-04

Chesapeake, Va. - A missing 4-year-old girl from Missouri has been found in a Chesapeake motel with her paternal grandmother, who is now in custody.

Sunday morning a detective from Cuba, Missouri who was looking for the pair contacted Chesapeake police saying Sabrina Omeni was supposed to stay with her paternal grandmother this summer until July 16. However, 60-year-old Terry Omeni didn’t return the toddler as scheduled.

On July 21, Terry Omeni called Sabrina's mother claiming that she didn't have enough money to get Sabrina home. Sabrina's mom said that she was going to call Police if her child did not come back. After that conversation, the mom did not hear from Sabrina's grandmother again. She could not get in touch with Terry Omeni because her number had been changed so Police entered Sabrina as an endangered missing child.

Terry Omeni called the mother Sunday morning, telling her that she was at the Value Place Inn at 1708 Sentinel Dr. in Chesapeake.

Police went to the motel and found Omeni and the child, who was unharmed. 60-year-old Terry Denise Omeni was taken into custody for an outstanding Fraud warrant from Dover, Delaware and a warrant is pending from Missouri for the child abduction.

According to Chesapeake Police Officer Corbett, Terry Denise Omeni has a lengthy criminal history of passing bad checks and insufficient funds. Corbett says she has a habit of going from hotel to hotel and not paying her bills. The hotel manager this morning even told Officer Corbett that Omeni claimed she didn't have a credit card to pay her bill.

Sabrina Omeni is currently in the custody of Chesapeake Child Protective Services. Her mom is on her way to Virginia tonight and will be reunited with her daughter tomorrow morning.

Omeni will be held at Chesapeake City Jail pending extradition.