People, businesses take action to help victims of tornado at Cherrystone Campground

Posted at 7:15 PM, Jul 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-28 19:15:02-04

Today we are getting a new look at the damage left behind at Cherrystone campground after Thursday mornings tornado.

Two people died, dozens were injured and hundreds of vacationers had no place to go.

That was until employees at the Peacock Motor Inn took action.

“It started with one family who had three little kids and from there they just started coming in,” says Courtney Wilkins.

The motel gave campers a free place to stay for the night.

“We just tried to make them comfortable, give them a good place to stay, help them. We went out and got toothbrushes, we went and got board games for the kids to play,” says Wilkins.

It's just one of several stories of people and businesses taking action resonating on the Eastern Shore four days after the tornado.

Wilkins says there was no question that they wouldn't help, that's how it's done on the Eastern Shore when things get tough.

“We've always come together when bad things happen, and you know, we just united, came together and helped what we could,” says Wilkins.


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