Virginia Beach park full of overgrown grass until today

Posted at 8:11 PM, Jul 29, 2014

Behind tall blades of overgrown grass, there's a dog hidden by the weeds in Lynnhaven Woods Park.

These photos were taken by NewsChannel 3 viewer Janeen who saw Monday's story about the long grass in front of two Virginia Beach schools. She emailed us, asking us to take action and find out why another area in the Beach is full of overgrown grass.

According to Virginia Beach city code, grass and weeds cannot grow more than ten inches. If it reaches that limit, the city will send a notice, ordering the property owner to cut it within seven days.

When we got to the park, the grass was freshly cut, but there were still a few long blades, measuring over two feet high.

NewsChannel 3 took action and reached out to the city. Officials told us the park was last mowed about two weeks ago, and again two weeks before that.

Officials say it's hard to keep up with the grass length because of the hot temperatures and lots of rain, making the grass grow faster.

But since our report last night, Virginia Beach parks and rec have looked into their sites and realized they may be a couple of days behind on mowing other areas because they've been working on cleaning up from this month's tornado at the

Oceanfront and other storm damage.

Officials say they do aim to follow the city's 10-inch cut-off, but with the recent weather and grass growing faster, there's only so much they can do.