Cherrystone Campground to re-open Friday after community takes action to clean up

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jul 31, 2014

After surviving  last week’s deadly tornado at Cherrystone Family Camping Resort, Liz Beyer went back to the site for the first time.

“I haven`t broken down yet. I guess one of these days I will, but I`m still thankful to the Lord we are okay,” says Beyer.

One week later, we are getting an up-close look at the damage this EF 1 tornado left behind.

But past the damaged pop ups and shattered glass, more than 200 volunteers are taking action.

Folks are grabbing rakes and cleaning up the devastation, getting the campground ready for reopening tomorrow morning.

“Any need that anybody had they met it. I can`t say thank you enough to everybody in Eastvile and that`s what I`m seeing again, absolutely. It’s just phenomenal,” says Beyer.

Not only was today an opportunity for campers to come back and get their things, but it was also a chance for the Eastern Shore to come together again. Many businesses there even allowed their employees to take the day off to help.

Scott Scrhiber works at Shore Bank. He was out of town when the tornado hit and couldn't help that day.

He says that's why he's back with a rake in hand taking action.

The campground's owner, Chad Ballard, is overwhelmed with all the help, but says again he's not surprised by the community outpour.

“We are a family business and a family campground, and today we feel like our family as a whole lot larger than we ever thought,” says Ballard.

Ballard says the campground is ready for reopening at 8 a.m. tomorrow all thanks to those who took action.