Don’t Waste Your Money: Honda Accord is Consumer Reports`top pick mid-sized sedan

Posted at 5:19 PM, Aug 01, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-01 17:19:21-04

The Honda Accord stands out as Consumer Reports` top pick mid-sized sedan.

The basic LX 4-cylinder gets an impressive 30 miles per gallon overall and is relatively inexpensive at around $23,000 .

The Honda Accord Hybrid is pricier, starting at over $29,000, but its window sticker cites a whopping 47 miles per gallon.

It didn`t measure quite that high in Consumer Reports` tests, says the director of auto test, Jake Fisher.

"We got an overall of 40 miles per gallon. That`s really impressive. But not the 47 miles per gallon that was claimed by the EPA," says Fisher.

Plus, since the Hybrid Accord costs 65-hundred dollars more than the basic Accord, you`re paying a lot of money up front to save gas.

And the Hybrid scored much lower in Consumer Reports` performance tests.

"It just doesn`t drive as well as a normal Accord. The ride, it`s much stiffer. The braking, it`s not as good. And the handling? Well, in emergency situations, it`s not nearly as secure," says Fisher.

Also, the battery robs you of some cargo room in the trunk, and there`s no room for a spare tire. You`ll only get a tire repair kit.

Bottom line —the regular Honda Accord is actually a much better deal.

But if you prefer a hybrid sedan, Consumer Reports says you`re better off with the Toyota Camry Hybrid. It doesn`t have the same compromises the Accord hybrid does. It starts at $27, 000 and gets 38 miles per gallon overall.