Officials say officer justified in shooting of USS Theodore Roosevelt sailor at Breezy Point Apartments

Posted at 9:18 AM, Aug 03, 2014

UPDATE: Police have reviewed the evidence and say they have deemed the shooting of sailor Jasmine Glespie as justified.  They say she hit and injured a woman with her vehicle and was driving in such a way that endangered others in the area. 

This happened in the Breezy Point Apartment complex in Norfolk last year.  She was shot on her left side and was treated at the hospital. 

They say Glespie was at a party with friends and had consumed alcohol while there. 

She left the party and walked outside toward the parking lot and three others walked with her. One of the partygoers said she was not ready to leave yet and officials say Glespie started to push her into the vehicle and someone else jumped in to stop it. Onlookers say they witnessed a brawl in the parking lot and saw the vehicle reverse and hit two people. 

One of the women who attended the party, Kayla Mendez, was hit by the car and received injuries to her abdomen, arm and wrist. Police arrived and tried to stop Glespie from injuring anyone else with the vehicle and after several attempts, officials say the officer had no choice but to fire his weapon. At this point the injured woman was still on the ground and in danger of being hit once again investigators say. 

Glespie pleaded guilty to assault and battery and DUI. She has been sentenced to two years behind bars with the first six months being a mandatory active term of incarceration. 

The court suspended the other 18 months conditioned upon two years of good behavior and a $500 fine. Her license was also suspended for 12 months and she must complete an ignition interlock program for a year. 

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Norfolk, Va. - A Norfolk police officer shot a woman early Sunday morning after the woman struck a pedestrian with her car and refused orders to stop her vehicle.

Police say the officer was responding to a 911 call about a party at Breezy Point Apartments in the 8600 block of Glen Myrtle Ave. When he arrived, he found several people around a black sedan and watched the sedan strike a woman pedestrian.

The officer ordered the woman driving the sedan to stop and physically tried to remove the driver, however she refused to leave the car and started driving toward the officer and bystanders, according to police.

The officer then opened fire, wounding the woman. She was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. A female passenger in the car was unharmed but was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital for an unrelated medical condition.

The woman who was shot has been identified as Jasmine N. Glespie or Jasmine Glasper of the 6700 block of E. Tanners Creek Drive in Norfolk.

NewsChannel 3 has confirmed that Glespie is a sailor on the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Jacqueline Robinson of Dallas, Texas, Glespie's mother, says she was told about her daughter being shot until her brother received a phone call from a news agency in Virginia.

"I was devastated. I jumped up out of bed. I started to cry and was upset. I couldn’t believe it. No one has called me and I was just wondering where she was, is she still alive."

Norfolk Police say Glespie's family wasn't notified because she is an adult and her injuries are not life threatening.

The woman who was hit by the car was also transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital for a non-life threatening injury.

The officer was unharmed.