UPDATE: Bond denied for woman after daughter called police about alleged meth lab

Posted at 7:25 AM, Aug 04, 2014

UPDATE:  Joan Noble appeared in Norfolk General District Court Wednesday requesting bond. That request was denied. She is scheduled to be back in court in September.

Norfolk, Va. (WTKR) - A Norfolk woman is in jail after her daughter apparently called police and told them about an alleged meth-making operation in the home.

Norfolk Police were called to the home on Plymouth Street in the Bayview community around 12:15 Monday morning for a domestic disturbance.

Once there, officers found materials consistent with making meth.

Victoria Noble, 21, says she was the one who called police about her mother's alleged meth-making operation in the home.

"I was just tired of it you know. It got (to be) too much. The drinking and the smoking weed and smoking this and it got to be too much," she told NewsChannel 3's Darragh Copley Monday.

Victoria Noble spent Monday morning sitting on the sidewalk as Norfolk Police Narcotics Detectives, Norfolk Fire Rescue, DEA, and Virginia State Police went through the home.

"It's obvious, I mean there's bottles everywhere. People are in and out. She smoked it to stay awake for days to make money to pay her bills."

Victoria Noble says she didn't realize how dangerous the materials inside were until officers arrived in hazmat suits and warned neighbors to stay inside.  She says she doesn't regret calling the cops on her mom.

"It was the easiest thing I've ever done in my entire life, it wasn't hard for me at all."


Joan I. Noble

Joan I. Noble, 56, was arrested and charged with several crimes, including:

  • one felony count of manufacturing methamphetamine
  • one felony count of possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine
  • one felony count of possession of two or more substances with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine
  • one misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana.

She is currently being held in the Norfolk City Jail with no bond.

A court appearance for Joan Noble Tuesday was continued until September.

Victoria Noble hopes her mother will be able to get help while locked up.

"I really hope that she gets mental help. I hope that she gets some kind of help. I hope they don’t just stick her in prison and say bye," Victoria Noble told NewsChannel 3's Todd Corillo Tuesday.

No injuries were reported at the home.