Thief caught on Norfolk home surveillance camera stealing from ADT van

Posted at 11:11 PM, Aug 04, 2014

Norfolk, Va. - It was a bold move for a thief: stealing from an ADT Security van.

"The amount of gall that someone like that would have," says Frank Adams, who caught the thief on his front porch security camera. "It took a lot of nerve for him to do something like that."

Adams says it all happened while the ADT worker was installing a home security system at his house.

"The irony of it,” Adams says. “You know it's strange to me and everyone that I’ve told this story to is like 'Wow! that's an odd thing to do."

It happened over the weekend outside of Adams’s home on Anne Street in Norfolk.

"You would think an ADT van would be locked, but as I said the installer just assumed he didn't need to lock his van," he says.

Adams says the ADT installer's cell phone and wallet were stolen out of the cab, but thankfully the thief spared the pricey electronics.

"The reason why I was having that system installed was for that reason because there is a criminal element in this area," Adams says. "It makes you feel violated when someone does something like that.  It wasn't a house break in but this is in my front yard and it's on my property."

Adams says he plans on handing over all his video to Norfolk Police, in hopes they can help catch the man.