Croc vs. Shark: Brutus the giant crocodile attacks bull shark in Australia

Posted at 11:10 AM, Aug 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-06 11:21:12-04

An infamous monster crocodile in Australia was spotted making a meal out of a bull shark on a riverbank on Tuesday.

The croc, dubbed “Brutus” by locals, is believed to be around 80-years-old. He’s 18-feet-long and has been a popular sight for tourists visiting the Adelaide River where he resides.

Andrew Paice was on an hour-long wildlife cruise on the river with his family when they spotted Brutus on the bank munching on the 4-foot-long shark.

“As we were going past, we noticed that there was a fin. We thought it was a barramundi (fish) or something…And the guide took the boat in for a closer look and lo’ and behold… it was a shark,” Paice told AFP from Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory on Wednesday.


Courtesy: Andrew Paice

Paice said he wasn’t so sure if Brutus (who is missing most of his teeth) won the fight and that the shark was definitely still alive as they pulled away.

“When we went past the first time the croc was lying there with the shark in its mouth,” he said. “When we pulled the boat in closer it slid back into the water. And when the shark, or the mouth of the croc, hit the water, the shark started to thrash around…So it was certainly still alive. We couldn’t see any blood anywhere…It may have got away; it may have got eaten – we don’t know. He didn’t put that display on for us unfortunately.”

Courtesy: Andrew Paice

Courtesy: Andrew Paice