Student tests positive for TB at CNU, 31 others exposed

Posted at 11:31 PM, Aug 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-07 12:07:58-04

Newport News, Va. - Students at Christopher Newport University have received an alert informing them that someone who attended the school tested positive for tuberculosis.

The student attended the school this year and is now being treated. The student will not return to the school until cleared by the health department.

School officials say 31 other students were exposed and have all been notified that they need to be tested.

The exposed individuals must report the results to the health department before they are able to return to the university.

School officials say if you attend the school and did not get a notice, no action is required.

The following email was sent to the CNU community earlier today:

Christopher Newport University is committed to maintaining a healthy campus community. The following is being provided to you for information purposes only; no action on your part is required.

The Virginia Peninsula Health District (VPHD) notified CNU that an individual who attended the University during 2014 has recently tested positive for the tuberculosis infection. This individual is being treated and will not return until cleared by the Peninsula Health District.

The Virginia Peninsula Health District has conducted a full assessment and has identified 31 students who were exposed to the individual in a manner that supports further evaluation. Those identified students have been notified separately and provided with a testing letter. They are required to report the results of a TB skin test to the VPHD before they return to CNU for the fall semester.

Information regarding tuberculosis is available at the Virginia Department of Health website,, or by calling the Peninsula Health District at (757) 594-7427.

Again, if you did not receive a separate testing notice letter, there is no risk, and no action on your part is required.