Don’t Waste Your Money: Could this double stroller be dangerous for your child?

Posted at 5:04 PM, Aug 11, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-11 17:04:00-04

Double strollers are a great option for parents with two kids, especially convertible models that hold children of different sizes and ages. But Consumer Reports says a double stroller, Graco’s Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX, could pose a safety risk.

The problem was discovered during braking tests on a tilt table. The stroller was loaded with 35 pounds in the front in an infant seat and 40 pounds in the back seat.

Then the table was slowly tilted up to an incline of 20 degrees. The plastic teeth used to lock the wheels bent. The brakes gave way, at 18 degrees and another time at 19 degrees.

No injuries have been reported related to the stroller’s brakes. Graco says that Consumer Reports’ test “fails to replicate real world conditions” because of its steep angle and that the stroller meets voluntary safety standards.

Consumer Reports says that its rigorous test is designed to gauge whether strollers have an extra margin of safety. It’s tested more than 160 strollers listed in its current ratings. The Graco’s Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX is the only one, including double strollers, where the brake released. And Consumer Reports is also concerned that the brake teeth bent.

Consumer Reports has labeled the Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX a “Don’t Buy,” along with other Ready2Grow strollers with a similar brake design—the Classic Connect, the Click Connect LX and the Click Connect.

Consumer Reports says if you own any of these Graco strollers, consider asking your retailer for a refund. You can also call Graco’s customer service at 800-345-4109.

Several other Graco strollers earn top scores and are recommended. That includes a Graco double stroller, the FastAction Fold Duo Click Connect. Consumer Reports named it a Best Buy at $280. It has a different braking system than Graco’s Ready2Grow strollers.