Organization teaches kids with disabilities how to ride bicycles

Posted at 9:58 PM, Aug 11, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-11 21:58:09-04

Learning to ride a bike is no easy task for most kids, but there’s an organization that works with kids with disabilities called “iCan Ride” teaching them to do just that, ride bikes.

One mother says her autistic son now has the best gift, thanks to this organization and volunteers.

Experts say 80% of children with autism won’t ride a bike in their entire life because of the limitations of the disorder.

But that’s not the case for one child named Samuel thanks to the I-Can-Ride group.

It’s an organization geared towards teaching kids with disabilities how to bike.

After just five short days of riding lessons, Samuel broke through his barriers.

Now he can ride a bike like any other ten year old.

And like any other ten year old Sam has big dreams.

Another person who continues to cheer Sam on is gene, one of the volunteers behind Sam`s success.

He decided to give Sam one last push in the right direction and surprised him with some wheels to call his own.

For Sam’s mother the love from the community is overwhelming, but more importantly the love that Sam is finding in himself is a break through.

To find an iCan Ride camp, click here.