Concerned citizens hold rally for Ferguson in Newport News

Posted at 11:05 PM, Aug 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-21 10:30:09-04

Newport News, Va. - With their hands up, they marched in Newport News for an end to violence 11 days after an unarmed teen was shot and killed by police outside St. Louis.

"What's gong on in Ferguson right now is not just going on in Ferguson, it's going on across this nation," said Ira McMillan-El.

Peace and quiet finally return to the streets of Ferguson

A crowd of 18 people passionately walked up Jefferson Avenue towards police headquarters. They had hoped to line the streets, what they lacked in turnout they tried to make up for in enthusiasm.

The violence and police reaction to demonstrators in Ferguson is being called a black eye for the country. Police-community relations in Newport News may not always be copacetic, but it bares little resemblance to what's happening in Ferguson. People came out to the march to reaffirm their desire for a better quality of life.

"If we start demonstrating unity and be a community and start reaching out to our children and stop putting them aside and putting them first, you could have less problems," said Joseph Bey.

Newport News police officers were there too, pledging to continue to make the city safer. Congressman Bobby Scott came by to voice support.

"Newport News is addressing it from the front end rather than waiting for stuff to happen," said Congressman Scott. "We're trying to get young people on the right track and keep them on the right track."