Norfolk Animal Control Officer hospitalized after dog attack

Posted at 10:41 AM, Aug 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-22 10:10:25-04

Norfolk, Va. - A Norfolk Animal Control Officer had to have emergency surgery after she was attacked by a pit bull at the Norfolk Animal Care Center on Wednesday.

Norfolk Police say the attack happened while the owner was surrendering his four pit bulls after one of them bit a man and attacked another dog earlier this week.

Police say while the owner was handing the dogs over, one of them broke free. The officer was able to leash the dog, which turned and bit her in the face and leg.

Police say the animal control officer was the same one investigating the first attack earlier this week.

Animal control and police were called out to the 800 block of Ingleside Road around six o'clock Monday in regards to a dog attack. When they got there, they found a man had been bitten and had to be taken to the hospital. They say a dog was also bitten.

This owner could now be facing charges for both attacks. Police say the dogs are being held at the Norfolk Animal Care Center for a 10-day quarantine.

Police say the animal control officer who was attacked will be charging the owner. If the dog that attacked the officer is categorized as a  "Vicious Dog", it would be up to the judge to decide whether the dog should be put down.

A court date has not been set, as the charges haven't officially been filed.