Parents turn in 13-year-old daughter after finding nude pics on her cell and tablet

Posted at 3:22 PM, Aug 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-22 15:22:15-04

Dinwiddie County, Va. – A Dinwidde County mother and father were so shocked by what they found on their daughter’s cell phone they called the sheriff’s department.

The 13-year-old girl’s parents discovered she was sending nude pictures of herself and receiving them from other teens on her phone and tablet.

Officials said the teen’s parents found out about the situation when another one of their children heard voices in her bedroom at about 4 a.m.

Parents took the teen’s electronics and said they were quite shocked when they searched through them.

The 13-year-old girl’s mother said she decided to call the sheriff’s department when she saw and older teen, a boy who was 17 or 18, had requested to have sexual relations with their daughter.

The parents said they involved deputies because they wanted to protect their daughter even though they knew she too could face criminal charges, according to WTVR.