Grieving moms taking action to help stop gun violence in Hampton Roads

Posted at 4:49 PM, Aug 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-28 17:23:57-04

Two grieving mothers whose sons were gunned down this year are channeling their sadness and anger and taking action to help stop gun violence in Hampton Roads.

Margaret Eaddy's son, 28-year-old Johnathan Bradley Coles, was shot in the stomach and later died in a home in Hampton on May 17th. His alleged murdered, 25-year-old Kuwame Edwards, is behind bars and will be in court in October.

Coles' friend, Tyquan Woods, was killed just two months later. He was found shot to death on the sidewalk near West Queen Street in Hampton. Police have arrested one man, Calvin Schofield, in connection with his murder. But they are still looking for Larry Devon Scott.

But as police are investigating these two cases, the mothers aren't waiting around. They're taking action to make sure another child isn't lost to gun violence.

"We don`t want our sons to die in vain, we just want to take all of our anger and frustration that we have inside of us and turn it into something positive where people can see that enough is enough, enough is enough," says Margaret Eaddy.

The group Sistars United already has events planned for the next month.

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