Man drowns in backyard pool in Suffolk

Posted at 11:53 AM, Sep 01, 2014

Suffolk, Va. - Just hours before his tragic death, 44-year-old Calvin Hogan posed for a picture. Hogan drowned Sunday night in a friend’s backyard pool.

For Heather Moffitt, her friend's tragic death still hasn't set in.

“Why`d he have to leave,” Moffitt says. “He still had so much he wanted to do. He was like a brother to me, an uncle to my kids and a best friend to my husband.”

Moffitt says they were having an end of summer party with family and friends Sunday night when Hogan went for a swim. Ten minutes later, his body was found at the bottom of her backyard pool.

“He just laid there the whole time,” Moffitt says. “He didn`t move, he didn`t open his eyes. He was lifeless.”

Moffitt says Hogan lived with her and her husband at their King's Fork Road home. She says they took him in last year when he had no place to go.

“Minutes before it happened he just told my husband he loved him, that he was so thankful for everything we've done for him,” she says. “Just don`t take anything for granted.”

Moffit says Hogan didn't know how to swim; he was using a blue and white inner-tube to float on. The next thing she knew, Hogan’s limp body was being pulled from the water.

“I just wish he could tell me what happened,” Moffitt says.

Looking back, Moffitt wishes she'd insisted Hogan wear a life jacket.

“It didn`t occur to me to say `here Cal, put this on,’” she says. “I just wish I had. All it takes is a second, no matter how old they are.”

Suffolk police are investigating the drowning. While the investigation is ongoing, the incident is not considered suspicious.