August Weather Recap

Posted at 9:28 AM, Sep 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-02 09:28:13-04

In many ways August 2014 was what we would expect, but maybe a bit “less hot”. We had a few hot days but overall temperatures in August were “not bad” for the heat of summer. Here is a look at some of the numbers across the area from our official climate reporting sites.


Average: 77°

High/Low: 93°/67°

90°+ days: 1

Rainfall: 3.01”

vs Norm: -2.51”

Rain days: 9

Elizabeth City

Average: 76°

High/Low: 90°/62°

90°+ days: 1

Rainfall: 3.27”

vs Norm: -3.37”

Rain days: 15

Wallops Island

Average: 75°

High/Low: 89°/62°

90°+ days: 0

Rainfall: 4.48”

vs Norm: +0.29”

Rain days: 9


Average: 78.5°

High/Low: 91°/67°

90°+ days: 1

Rainfall: 10.05”

vs Norm: +3.12”

Rain days: 15

A few interesting notes… Elizabeth City had 15 days with measurable rainfall but has the highest rain deficit for the month. Hatteras also had 15 rain days but has the highest rain surplus. As far as temperatures go, Norfolk had the hot mark of 93°. Which is not bad for August, we have seen much hotter stretches in summers past.

A quick look ahead to September… In Norfolk, we average 4.76” of rainfall over 9 days. Our average temperature is 79.3° with a record high of 100° and a record low of 40°.