Man accused in deadly accident attacked by cell mates in Accomack County Jail

Posted at 5:50 PM, Sep 03, 2014

Accomack County - An inmate inside Accomack County Jail had to be treated after officials say he was attacked by other inmates.

This happened on Monday, September 1st.

The victim has been identified as Bonifilio Velazquez.

Officials say Velazquez is now stable.

He's accused of driving drunk when he hit a car head on in the Keller area of Accomack County.

A preliminary test showed his blood alcohol level to be .30, four times the legal limit, according to the criminal complaint.

But speaking through an interpreter, Velazquez told officers he had only had two beers since three that afternoon.

The crash happened around eight.

Diann Jones, Arnette Chandler and 12-year-old A'janae Jones were all killed in the Saturday night crash.

They had been attending a family reunion.