Virginia Beach rec centers have new phone numbers

Posted at 10:53 AM, Sep 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-08 10:56:00-04

Virginia Beach, Va. – Most Virginia Beach Recreation Centers have new phone numbers, according to city officials.

As of today, callers should use the following phone numbers:

• Bayside Community Recreation Center: 385-5930
• Great Neck Community Recreation Center: 385-5940
• Joseph V. Grimstead, Sr. Seatack Community Recreation Center: 385-5920
• Princess Anne Community Recreation Center: 385-5950
• Williams Farm Community Recreation Center: 385-2950 (this number has not changed)

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation’s Therapeutic Recreation Programs office, now housed at Great Neck Recreation Center, may be reached at 385-5990.

The phone number for Kempsville Community Recreation Center, 474-8492, will remain in use until the center closes for replacement later this year. When Kempsville Community Recreation Center reopens in early 2017, a new phone number will be assigned.

Bow Creek Community Recreation Center is scheduled to open early 2015. Its phone number will be 385-5960.
These phone numbers have been changed to move the Virginia Beach Recreation Centers to the City’s 385-prefix. The phone systems have also been upgraded.

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