Don’t Waste Your Money: Turning your old stuff into cash

Posted at 6:07 PM, Sep 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-09 18:07:00-04

For many people, the idea of moving to a smaller home is overwhelming. Consumer Reports tells you how to get the most money for the stuff you no longer need.

To maximize your profit, you’ll want to match your items to the best places to sell them, whether it’s at auction, a consignment shop, online, or a yard sale.

Valuable furniture and antiques in excellent condition could bring the most profit at an auction or consignment shop.

Furniture in good or gently worn condition should be sold on the Web. Using Craigslist or a community Facebook site makes it easy to list heavy items as “pickup only.”

Your artwork will get a better audience in an auction or consignment environment, where you could also make more money.

As for clothing, consignment is a good idea if it’s less than two years old and in good condition.

If you hold a yard sale, don’t tag your items. You’ll make more money when you ask buyers for their best offer.

For things you can’t sell, charity is an excellent option. Check to make sure that it’s an IRS-qualified organization, and you can take a tax deduction for your donation.

There is always that final choice when nothing else works—a ride to the recycling center or the dump.