Woman says maggots were found in dog food from local pet store

Posted at 11:27 PM, Sep 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-18 06:23:42-04

Portsmouth, Va. - Kristin Manuel lives in Portsmouth but says she bought maggot-infested dog food at the Petsmart on Greenbrier Parkway in Chesapeake.

She says she has the picture to prove it.

Manuel says the maggots were inside a can of "Wellness: Just for Puppy" food.

She says the dog did eat a little bit of it, but she doesn't think it became sick.

Still, she's angry this all happened in the first place.

“I went to go mix it and I saw there was a maggot in it, so I went inside the can and I looked inside and they were swarming. I guess because it was so early, I didn`t notice it, but it was swarming with maggots.

NewsChannel 3 did talk to Erin Gray, a spokeswoman for Petsmart.

Gray says the company believes this was an isolated incident and at this time Petsmart is not removing the product from the shelves.

Gray says there is no known recall and Petsmart is working with the vendor to find out exactly what happened.

Gray also said Petsmart refunded Manuel and gave her new dog food.

The vendor also offered her coupons for free dog food.