Attorneys for Former Governor: Jury’s guilty verdict ‘flawed’

Posted at 8:08 PM, Sep 19, 2014

Defense attorneys now argue the jury's conviction of Virginia's Former Governor and First Lady was "flawed."

According to motions filed Thursday in U.S District Court, their attorneys say the government failed to prove Bob McDonnell promised to take official action for former Star Scientific CEO, Jonnie Williams.

However, the jury clearly thinks otherwise.

"I think we all took it very seriously we didn't take it for granted what we were called to do," said Robin Trujillo.

Trujillo and 11 other jurors convicted Bob and Maureen McDonnell of using the governor's office to take official action to promote Williams' tobacco based dietary supplement.

The verdict came down after five weeks of testimony from more than 50 witnesses as well as pages and pages of evidence.

"It was tiring at the end of the day, information overload," explained Trijullo.

The evidence included pictures of the nearly $20,000 in designer dresses, shoes and other clothing Williams bought Maureen.

It also included pictures of McDonnell sporting a more than $6,000 Rolex watch paid for by Williams, and McDonnell behind the wheel of Williams' Ferrari.

More than $177,000 in loans and gifts is what the couple accepted from the wealthy businessman as part of a gifts-for-favors deal.

But the motions claim there was "insufficient evidence" to support that McDonnell promised Williams anything in return.

The defense's arguments aren't anything new. Attorneys filed a similar motion to dismiss the charges before the trial even began. That motion was denied at the time, but Judge James Spencer has yet to respond to the current ones.

Sentencing is still set for January 6th.

McDonnell's lawyer has already vowed to appeal.