Microbrew sales boom at Ohio nudie bar

Posted at 5:41 PM, Sep 19, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-19 17:50:39-04

(CNN) – Topless ladies? That’s so passe. The nation’s strip clubs are in a period of peak innovation.

Portland, Oregon, laid claim to the first vegan strip club, Casa Diablo. The first drive-through strip club, Climax Gentleman’s Club, popped up outside of Pittsburgh (it’s now defunct). Now Ohio is home to the first beer-brewing nudie bar.

Pinups and Pints is located, appropriately enough, in a strip mall outside of Dayton, and according to the Dayton City Paper, it’s the first strip club microbrewery in America.

Behind the main stage and stripper pole sits the 15-gallon brewing system, where club owner Scott Conrad makes batches of the club’s signature suds. He decided to start the club after taking note of the area’s growing beer scene — and discovering that a liquor license was more attainable for a microbrewery.

“I feel I am definitely creating a niche to the market” Conrad told CNN, adding that he is “definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to adult entertainment.”

Conrad had no brewing experience going into this venture, but with some trial and error in his garage and help from local craft brewer Toxic Brewing, he is getting some positive feedback on the beer and plenty of support from the area’s brewing community.

He describes Pinup Pale Ale, the club’s first and only offering, as very approachable, appealing to Bud drinkers as well as craft beer aficionados. However, don’t expect to see huge stainless steel fermentation tanks on the brewery tour quite yet though; brewing the beer is something that Conrad takes seriously.

“You gotta get good before you can get creative,” he said.

Kevin J. Gray assessed the beer for his Dayton City Paper story and noted, “Pinup Pale Ale was a solid pale ale, a good start on a new system.”

Gray told CNN, “The Dayton beer scene has exploded in the last two years. Prior to 2012, there were no breweries in the area. Now, Pinups and Pints makes the twelfth microbrewery opening in the greater Dayton area in the last two years.”

Dancers are still the marquee act at Pinups and Pints, but according to Conrad, more and more customers are coming in to check out the beer.

“Those who normally would not go to traditional clubs are starting to come here to try the brew, plus enjoy the entertainment aspect,” said K.C., a bartender and server at the club. “Personally, I really enjoy the fact I get to come to work and watch the process and all of the hard work put into each keg,” she added.

Conrad finds that his main challenge so far is keeping up with the demand for the beer. He puts in many long days brewing in addition to running the club and finds, “It is a lot of hard work, but I enjoy the challenge.”

Exotic dancers, neon lights and small-batch beers are, so far for Pints and Pinups, a combo just bubbling over with success.