Bridesmaids wear dresses, run through mud to honor bride killed before wedding

Posted at 7:36 AM, Sep 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-22 07:36:57-04

PULASKI, Wisc. — A Wisconsin family is celebrating the life of a young-bride-to-be who was tragically killed before her wedding.

Shannon Hall died in a car crash earlier this month in Shawano County at the age of 24.

Saturday in Marshfield, the bridesmaids wore the dresses for Hall’s wedding — for a different, but still special occasion – a mud run.

Hall was going to get married on October 4th.

About two weeks ago, she lost her life in a car crash with a school bus, just before her upcoming wedding.

It was a loss that Hall’s sister Angie Guralski says is too hard to describe.

“We just love her and we just miss her so much,” she said.

Guralski says before the crash, the five sisters had planned to run a mud run in formal dresses.

But she says her sister’s death changed everything.

“She was such an amazing, amazing girl and a lot of fun, since we won’t be wearing them on the 4th we thought this would be the perfect way to honor her,” she said.

On Saturday, Hall’s four bridesmaids and dozens of family and friends took on the course, tackling every obstacle along the way.

Hall’s fiancé, still injured from the crash, followed the group in a utility vehicle.

The participants said they know their friend is laughing and smiling, glad they did it.

They turned an obstacle course into a healing journey through the mud and water, showing it’s not the race that matters, just how strong you finish.

CNN contributed to this report.