Chesterfield mother accused of having children in filthy, roach infested home

Posted at 10:22 PM, Sep 23, 2014

Chesterfield County, Va. – One mother in Chesterfield County was arrested on felony child endangerment, child neglect and assault and battery of a family member charges after police say her young children were living in filthy,  unsafe conditions.

“A worthless piece of s—! A mother that deserves each and every year of a maximum sentence. Rot in prison.” That’s the note that was posted on Jacklyn Owens by a housemate.

According to our sister station WTVR, the filth inside was ankle deep and there were roaches that marched from the bathroom to her 4-month-old’s crib.

A housemate, Natasha Gray, says Owens kept the baby quiet at night by tying  a blanket around his neck with a pacifier so he would keep it in his mouth.

Owens is out on bond. Neighbors told WTVR that she is not allowed to have contact with her children. They are now staying with family.

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