Parents of man charged in Suffolk businessman’s death say their son is no killer

Posted at 12:59 PM, Sep 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-25 17:16:20-04

Suffolk, Va. - Police have charged 31-year-old Katron Walker in the attempted robbery and shooting of 82-year-old Donald Carter.

This development came days after police charged two others for the same crime, 33-year-old Leon Hayes and 22-year-old Naomi Lambert

Records and witnesses show the investigation is complicated, filled with threats and police chases.

Leon Hayes' father told NewsChannel 3 that just after the murder, Walker worried Leon Hayes would identify him as the killer.

That’s when, according to Hayes' father, Walker threatened his family, and then later broke into their home.

Police records appear to back his claim.

"What he going to come here and want to kill me and i know nothing about it anything about it that's what's puzzling me,” said Leon Hayes Sr.

Hayes Sr. says he's seen Walker around, but doesn't know him.


According to arrest warrants, police stopped Walker to question him near St. James Avenue and Wellons Street.

Police say Walker hurried away, ran into a house, and then out the door and into nearby woods. They chased him and say Walker returned to the house, forcing the door open and then slamming it on the officers.

Police looked into a window and saw Walker changing his shirt. They charged him with breaking into the house.

The next night, police charged Walker with murdering the downtown businessman.

Now, three people are in jail for that crime.

But, Hayes' father says his son is no killer.

“He been in trouble before but he did his time for that, he did the time for that."