E. Princess Anne Road in Norfolk reduced to one lane for up to three months

Posted at 11:39 AM, Sep 29, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-29 18:52:24-04

Update: Orange barrels, construction crews, and lane dividers. It's how the stretch of East Princess Anne road, stretching from Hansen to Cooke Avenues, could look for a year.

A construction company says it will take approximately one year to transform an old abandoned building into an apartment complex.

A spokesperson says they're building 80-120 units.

Part of the building collapsed a few weeks ago, causing the original closures. Now, they could be here to stay for a while.

The two eastbound lanes have been converted to allow traffic in both directions.

Those closures will last about another month or two, but it's not over then. A city spokesperson says there will be more closures, but slightly different.

In a few months, one of the westbound lanes is scheduled to be reopened, meaning there will be one lane for westbound traffic, and another two lanes for those traveling east.

The developer is paying the city month by month for the lane closures, according to a city official. She also says, closing the lanes isn't unusual, and it's typical when there's construction.

Norfolk, Va. - E. Princess Anne Road will remain reduced to one lane in each direction (using the eastbound lanes) from Hanson Avenue to Cooke Avenue for the next two to three months, according to Norfolk city officials. A vacant building partially collapsed on East Princess Anne Road in Norfolk back in August.

During this time, the building will be shored up inside and outside.

Immediately upon completion, the contractor will re-open one of the two westbound lanes. At that time, there will be one westbound lane and two eastbound lanes open to traffic for the following eight to 12 months during the building's renovation, NewsChannel 3 has learned.