Third suspect arrested for December 2012 homicide in Suffolk

Posted at 12:49 PM, Sep 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-30 12:49:03-04

Suffolk Police say they’ve arrested the third and final suspect in the December 2012 homicide of William Kendale Jordan.

Jordan died on December 17th, 2012 after being shot multiple times on Dutch Road.

One suspect, 21-year-old Akeem Deshawn Lee, turned himself in for the homicide in June 2013.

Another suspect, 28-year-old Michael Jamil Eason, was found in March 2014 during a drug raid in Elizabeth City.

Suffolk Police say the final suspect, 25-year-old Cassius Quamaine Norfleet, was arrested Monday, September 29th.

Following the intensive investigation by the Suffolk Police Department he was direct indicted on charges of First Degree Murder, Use of Firearm Statutory Burglary, Statutory Burglary While Armed, Non-Violent Felon Possess Gun, Conspiracy/Robbery, Shoot/Cut/Stab or Wound, Use of Firearm Attempted Robbery and Attempted Robbery.  He is currently being held without bond at Western Tidewater Regional Jail.