Rash of NSU car break-ins on campus, students say they weren’t notified

Posted at 5:41 PM, Oct 01, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-01 17:41:02-04

Norfolk, Va. - Norfolk State University student Sierra Edwards says seven pairs of her expensive, limited edition sneakers were stolen from the trunk of a friend’s car on campus a few weeks ago. The car was parked outside the Spartan Suites dorms.

“I was pissed, but I mean there wasn`t anything that I could do?” Edwards says. “It was just bad. They were like retros and Lebrons, limited editions that I was taking to a sneaker convention that was going to be held in Norfolk and took all of them.”

Edwards is not alone, though. In the past month, a university official tells NewsChannel 3 there's been an up-tick in car break-ins on campus, so much so the university has increased police patrols in the area.

However, students say they had no idea because they were never told.

“I didn`t even know,” says Shadai Lorielike, a student at NSU.

The university did send out an email to students about vehicle safety tips, but said nothing about actual break-ins.

“That does worry me because I feel like they`re not informing us,” Lorielike says.

Students say the vehicle safety message was sent Tuesday night, which was after NewsChannel 3 took action to ask NSU about the burglaries.

“I feel like they’re just trying to make sure students don’t panic, you know cause a big scene for no reason because sometimes people do tend to overreact,” says Christine Rice, an NSU student.

NSU officials have not gotten back to us about why they didn't notify students. They did say the break-ins have been mainly on the eastern side of campus, as well as streets surrounding NSU.