Scholarship Sharing takes action to help students get financially fit

Posted at 12:10 PM, Oct 03, 2014
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Lorraine SantaLucia, President of Scholarship Sharing, joined the morning show today to talk about the upcoming Scholarship Fair in Richmond, Virginia.

SantaLucia, a 2010 graduate of Landstown High School in Virginia Beach,  is the founder of Scholarship Sharing, a free, student-run group dedicated to helping students find resources to pay for college.

SantaLucia says she wants to help students, particularly young adults, realize that they don’t need perfect grades or lots of money to attend the school of their dreams. “This is personal for me because loan debt isn’t only a problem for those who I was working with; it is also something that could have also affected me as a student. I work to inform students about opportunities to avoid debt because of how hard it was for me to find aid when I first got started.”

Scholarship Sharing is hosting their second annual Scholarship Fair at VCU Student Commons Oct. 11–12 to connect students to college funding opportunities. The event will be open to high school, college, and community college students, as well as parents and teachers. Scholarship opportunities from more than 50 foundations will be present, and students can use the funds available to attend the university or community college of their choice.

Those who attend the upcoming Scholarship Fair will not only learn valuable advice straight from the experts, but they will have the shot at earning several $500 scholarships to use at the school of their choice as scholarships will be awarded at random throughout the event for ticketholders.

Last year, the event brought in more than 1,000 students. This year, they expect 5,000.

Get tickets, more information on this year’s Scholarship Fair.

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**Note** Two $500 scholarships will now be available at the upcoming Scholarship Fair!

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