Punishments handed down to three former leaders of USS James E. Williams

Posted at 11:28 AM, Oct 10, 2014

Punishments were handed down to three former leaders of the USS James E. Williams on Thursday, October 9th. It was announced that all three had been relieved of their command aboard the ship on September 16th.

At the non-judicial punishment proceedings, former commanding officer Cmdr. Curtis Calloway, former James E. Williams Executive Officer and prospective commanding officer Cmdr. Ed Handley, and Command Master Chief Travis Biswell were found in violation of various articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Cmdr. Calloway, Cmdr. Handley and CMC Biswell were all found in violation of Article 92, Dereliction of Duty.

CMC Biswell was additionally found in violation of Article 134, drunk and disorderly conduct.

All three were temporarily reassigned to the staff at Commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic and are expected to remain there pending final action by Commander, Navy Personnel Command.

Cmdr. Heidi Haskins has been identified as the next commanding officer and will take command from Capt. Tony Simmons, DESRON 2 Deputy Commodore. Simmons temporarily assumed command after relieving Calloway Sept. 16 during a change-of-command ceremony.

The ship and her crew departed Naval Station Norfolk on May 30th for an eight-month deployment to the 6th Fleet area of operations.

While there they have been participating in security operations, exercises, and combined cooperation (foreign nation) operations in conjunction with U.S. Africa Command.