Teen found guilty of murder in Newport News: “I’m going to fight to clear my name.”

Posted at 5:25 PM, Oct 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-15 10:19:30-04

Kashawn Hines, 17, was convicted of murder last week. A jury found him unanimously guilty of shooting and killing 13-year-old Lamonee Johnson-Chisholm in 2012.

Now less than a week after his conviction, Kashawn spoke only to NewsChannel 3 to say he’s going to fight to clear his name.

“I’m going to fight to clear my name. That’s the only thing I can do right now,” he says.

Kashawn evaded many questions, specifically the ones about a private Facebook message he sent to Johnson-Chisholm after killing him.

“Ya’ll bring that up, I’ll stop the interview,” he said.

According to detectives, Kashawn wrote Johnson-Chisholm an apology saying, “I shot but I didn’t mean to kill you.”

Reporter: “I know in court you said someone hacked your account.”

Kashawn Hines: “Yeah, that’s what happened. Somebody got on my page and did it but it’s like I said, I don’t want to talk about none of that. I just don’t feel like talking about it.”

On top of that, prosecutors say Kashawn told other people he pulled the trigger. But Kashawn says he was home with his family in Norfolk when the shooting happened.

Reporter: “Do you feel like someone set you up?”

Kashawn Hines: “Yeah, basically.”

Kashawn says he knows who shot Johnson-Chisholm. But he says even knowing he may spend the rest of his life in prison, he refuses to give a name.

Reporter: “You’re saying you took the fault for someone else?”

Kashawn Hines: “Yes. That’s basically what it was. I’m not going to go out there and snitch.”

Kashawn is scheduled to be sentenced on November 7th in Newport News.

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