Ebola patient Nina Pham releases video from her hospital bed

Posted at 6:58 AM, Oct 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-17 10:03:19-04

I love you.

That’s what Ebola patient Nina Pham says to her doctors in her hospital room in a new video.

Pham was moved from Dallas to a Maryland hospital on Thursday.

Doctor Gary Weinstein recorded the conversation with his nurse-turned-patient.

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Texas Health Resources writes on their YouTube account, “Before Nina Pham departed Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas for the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Center earlier today, she was visited by her treating physician, Dr. Gary Weinstein, who recorded his conversation with her before she was discharged. Ms. Pham asked that we share the video.”

Dr. Weinstein: “Thanks for getting well. Thanks for being part of the volunteer team to take care of our first patient.”

Nina Pham: “Yeah.”

Dr. Weinstein: “Well, it means a lot. This has been a huge effort by all of you guys.”

Nina Pham: “Yeah.”

(off camera): “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Dr. Weinstein: “Yeah, we are really proud of you. Alright.”

Nina Pham: “Come to Maryland. Everybody.”

Dr. Weinstein: “Party. Party in Maryland. Okay. Do you need anything?”

Nina Pham: “I don’t think so.”

Dr. Weinstein: “Okay. There’s no crying. Well, happy tears are okay.”

Nina Pham: “Yeah.”

Dr. Weinstein: “Otherwise, no tears. No crying. It’s not allowed.”

Nina Pham: “I love you guys.”

Dr. Weinstein: “We love you, Nina.”