Utah National Guard investigating risqué swimsuit calendar shoot

Posted at 12:37 PM, Oct 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-17 12:43:50-04

Bluffdale, Utah – The Utah National Guard is investigating  a risqué swimsuit calendar that may have been shot using its facilities, equipment and personnel without authorization.

Video of buxom models riding around in tanks and firing guns was put out to promote the “Hot Shots 2015″ calendar, according to Fox13.

The Utah Department of Public Safety has launched its own investigation after officials said they recognized two of their officers in the video.

“This year we’re shooting the calendar in Utah, in the U.S. of A!” proclaims British model Rosie Jones on the video. “We’ve got loads of tanks, boats, helicopters and, of course, loads of guns!”

Also on the video are people who appear to be members of the Utah National Guard. “Hot Shots” gives a special thanks at the end to “Soldiers of the 19th Special Forces Group.”

The video below may be inappropriate for some audiences

Utah National Guard Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn told FOX 13 that an internal investigation had been initiated to determine if the guard’s “equipment, facilities and personnel” was used in the calendar shoot. In a statement, Fairbourn said there was no approval for the project by the Guard.

The Utah National Guard released this statement:

An investigation was initiated by the Utah National Guard on Oct. 14 to determine potential unauthorized use of military equipment, facilities, and personnel in the Hot Shots 2015 calendar production.

Productions of this kind are not in keeping with the values of the Utah National Guard nor its members.

Use of military equipment, facilities, and personnel in civilian for-profit endeavors such as this requires approval of National Guard Bureau Public Affairs through the respective state National Guard Headquarters.  There was no official approval for this project.  The investigation will determine if
Utah National Guard equipment, facilities, and personnel were used in the Hot Shots 2015 calendar production and required actions if this is the case.