People Taking Action: Elementary cafeteria worker served 42 years

Posted at 12:24 AM, Oct 24, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-24 00:24:24-04

Newport News, Va. -  She spent half her life working for Newport News Public Schools. In March 82-year-old Edna Guynn passed away, but her service was not forgotten.

In the same room Guynn spent four decades helping serve meals to students and staff, the cafeteria at Hidenwood Elementary in Newport News was packed to honor the woman they call an inspiration.

"Every day when you walked in, she was right in that window, right there in the dish room," says Brian Nichols, the Newport News Public Schools Chief Academic Officer.

Edna passed two months after she retired and after devoting 42 years to the school.

"Every day she said she enjoyed her job,” says Gail Guynn, Edna’s daughter. “She loved her work and of those 42 years, she had 40 years of perfect attendance."

Edna started working at Hidenwood in 1971 when her youngest of eight started school there.

In her memory, the school unveiled a plaque for Edna’s extraordinary service.

"Oh she would be so humbled, so pleased and so thankful that such a ceremony was planned for her," Gail Guynn says.

Little did Gail know, the ceremony wasn't quite over. We surprised her daughter with a NewsChannel 3 People Taking Action award in honor of Edna's service.

"You're kidding,” Gail said. “Oh my goodness! Oh, thank you! Thank you so much. What an honor.”