Most offensive Halloween costumes of the season?

Posted at 12:57 PM, Oct 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-28 07:45:10-04

Halloween is the time of year when many people let their imagination soar.

The possibilities for costumes are endless; but what if your costume is extremely offensive? You may just be the next trending topic on Twitter.

This year, a new trend has emerged: turning tragic current events into Halloween costumes.

Homemade costumes illustrating domestic abuse, like the Ray Rice incident and the Adrian Peterson beatings, have already started making appearances on social media.

Multiple couples have dressed up as the Rices. The men typically wear a Ray Rice jersey, and the women sport a black eye, but there is more. One couple dressed up like the Rices in ‘blackface’ and their son posted their picture on the Internet.


Keith Olbermannblasted the family on Twitter and tagged their son in the post. The son’s post has since been deleted, along with his Instagram account.


Olbermann’s followers then started Tweeting him pictures of other Halloween costume fails.

Typical Halloween costumes for children range from pumpkins to power rangers — but not this little tyke. His parents thought it would be a good idea to dress their son like Ray Rice with the matching accessory: a little doll ‘to drag around’.


Adrian Peterson costumes are also pretty popular this year, apparently.

TMZ posted a video of a man with an Adrian Peterson jersey on, beating a baby doll with a switch.

Other Halloween ideas deemed offensive by many people include a Dallas family that decorated their home as an Ebola HAZMAT center, and a “sexy” Ebola HAZMAT suit being advertised on one costume website.

Halloween is right around the corner. What will your costume be?

-Meghan Kee