Real Love: Man dines with photo of late wife

Posted at 10:42 PM, Oct 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-27 22:42:41-04

California – She was the love of his life. Even after she passed away years ago, one man still finds ways to spend time with the woman who still has his heart.

Someone caught a heart wrenching photo of a widower sitting with the photo of his late wife.

According to, the man met his future wife when they were both teens. They lost contact when he went to war and her family moved. He thought about her the entire time he was away.

After he came back from war, he decided to look for her. For 10 whole years he never dated anyone, according to the person who  posted the photo.

He went to California and visited a barber shop.

He told the barber how he’d been looking for a specific girl for a decade. The woman he was looking for turned out to be the barber’s daughter!

She had also been looking for him and she also held off dating while he was away.

The two were married for 55 years before she died 5 years ago.

Now the heartbroken widower carries the picture of his beloved around with him everywhere.