Norfolk Police investigating burglary at Pelon’s Baja Grill

Posted at 3:49 PM, Oct 30, 2014

Another Ghent business was broken into sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The burglar entered Pelon’s Baja Grill through an opening near the ceiling and got away with hundreds of dollars.

The restaurant’s management thinks the burglar jumped from the opening in the ceiling onto the Pepsi machine and then onto the ground.

Then they took all the money from the cash register and more from the back office.

“I was the first one that came in this morning and that was probably about 10:15,” says manager Bailee Muscara. “I was scared. My parents are the owners, so I immediately called my mom because normally she's the one that's here in the mornings.”

Management thinks the person may have entered through a small opening on the outside of the building and crawled through a crawl space before smashing in through the wall.

It's a very small hole that he-- whoever it was-- he or she-- had to fit through to get in. Very tiny, like a skinny, skinny person, so they don't really even know how that person got in. I mean, they know how, but physically, it's confusing,” Muscara says.

Norfolk Police had a forensics unit at the restaurant looking for fingerprints.

There have been several burglaries happening in Ghent and Ocean View over the last few months with the burglars getting in through the roof.

So far, Norfolk Police haven’t confirmed if this latest burglary at Pelon’s is connected, but the management says police told them it is.


Police search for person of interest in connection to rooftop burglary in Norfolk