William & Mary kicker returns to the field following bone marrow donation

Posted at 2:17 PM, Nov 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-10 14:17:23-05

By Ian Preston

Williamsburg, Va. - William & Mary kicker John Carpenter returned to the field on Saturday after being sidelined because of his choice to donate bone marrow.

William & Mary hosted Elon on Saturday at Zable.

Elon only had one win on the year, but they were game Saturday night.

First drive.... Tribe running game gets rolling early....Mikhale Abdul-Saboor with the run up the gut....7-0 Tribe early.

Tribe would only score one more touchdown, and that came early in the second quarter when Kendall Anderson broke loose for a 23 yard score.

The Tribe ran for 271 yards....and racked up more than 400...but a couple of blocked kicks and a turnover on downs...all in the redzone... left a lot of points out on the field for William & Mary.

Defensively...the Tribe were solid all it's Mike Riley another sack for the defensive end his 11th on the year.

Tribe stood tough in the redzone all night..Jasper Coleman....gets a paw on that kick attempt to preserve the 17-7 lead.

William & Mary didn`t score in the second half, but controlled the ball and ran effectively.

It was another big night for Abdul-Saboor....who ran for a 1-94 on 30 carries.

Tribe get the win at wasn`t pretty...but coach says a win`s a win.

"There`s plenty of things we need to improve on. I could sit here and give you a whole list of things, but again, we got win... we hung in there and did what we needed to do and so...there`s a lot to be said for that," says Jimmye Laycock.

It was also a big night for Tribe kicker John Carpenter who returned to action. Carpenter had been out the past few weeks after making a bone marrow donation.

"It definitely helps me appreciate now the three games I have left to understand what it`s going to be like to be on the sideline the rest of my life."

Carpenter and many of his teammates signed on to a worldwide bone marrow donor registry....and wouldn`t you know it....Carpenter was a match for someone in need of bone marrow.

After the game, the senior kicker met with Madeline Montgomery...who helped sign up Carpenter and his teammates.

She`s also the daughter of Tribe Hall of Famer Joe Montgomery....and the Goddaughter of the late Russ Brown.

"I can`t wait to get to talk to him and thank him...thank him over and over again`s pretty crazy because Russ Brown was also a kicker for William & Mary....and with John Carpenter also being a kicker, it just brings it full circle."