Police find 30 pounds of pot shipped from California to Hertford County

Posted at 5:33 PM, Nov 11, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-12 09:06:11-05

Murfreesboro, N.C. - Police in Murfreesboro, North Carolina are investigating after $45,000 of high-end marijuana was shipped from California to Hertford County.

Murfreesboro Police Chief Darrell Rowe tells NewsChannel 3 that a postal worker called them when they got a suspicious package shipped express.

No signature was required and the wrong name was listed on the address.

So investigators got their K-9 involved to sniff out the package and it turns out -- it was 10 pounds of pot.

"It was kind of funny. The dog kind of looked at us and said, do you really need me for this?" Chief Rowe says.

Two days later, two more packages filled with 10 pounds of marijuana each arrived, some unwrapped and some wrapped in Spanish newspaper.

The sender also included something else -- their return address.

"That's part of the ongoing investigation," Chief Rowe says.

The chief says they have local suspects and they've been in touch with police in California as well but no charges have been filed just yet.