Flying rocks, debris leave drivers with damaged windshields

Posted at 10:26 AM, Nov 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-17 17:27:49-05

NewsChannel 3 is taking action to make sure drivers get paid.

VDOT and its contractors have been slow to help drivers whose cars were damaged in work zones.

That is, until NewsChannel 3 got involved.

"When it hit the glass, it literally just created a shadow of dust. You could wipe it off with your finger."

A golf ball sized crack, smack dab on Emily Scott's car windshield -- Scott is among the dozens of drivers to file a damage claim with VDOT recently.

She says -- flying rocks and debris left behind by construction crews on I-264 East did this.

"I'm not a paver and I don`t know the ins and outs of cleaning their area, but to see large pieces of debris along the roadway in the middle of the road everywhere bouncing up,
hitting vehicles left and right, I mean vehicles aren`t cheap, you know?"

It sounds like a repeat of two years ago. NewsChannel 3 took action when those massive potholes plagued drivers.

VDOT was slow to respond then -- and, Scott says neither VDOT nor the contractor are taking responsibility now.

That is -- until NewsChannel 3 once again started demanding answers.

"How has your oversight changed since the pothole problem?"

...Holding both VDOT and Curtis Contracting accountable.

"What will you do in the future to make sure something like this doesn`t happen again?"

Tonight at 5 p.m., NewsChannel 3 takes action to make sure drivers get paid.