A weather sampler platter

Posted at 9:43 AM, Nov 24, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-24 10:16:58-05

Have you ever had a craving but you were not sure exactly what you wanted? Do you have a “craving” for your favorite type of weather? No matter what it is, odds are we will probably see it this week.

Let’s start with some record setting temperatures… Last week we had a couple of days that set new daily cold records. Today, we could set new daily heat records as highs climb to near 80°! Yes, near 80 in November. Not a fan of the heat? No worries, highs will be falling back into the 40s by Wednesday and lows will be back to near freezing for the end of the week.

How about some rain… We have that. Expect a few scattered showers (and maybe a rumble of thunder) for today and tomorrow. Scattered is the keyword and most of the rain will be for coastal areas and NE NC. If you want/need to catch up on our rainfall numbers, Wednesday may be the day for you. A coastal low will likely bring 1” to 2”+ of rain to the area.

Any snow fans out there? This week’s forecast has you covered too… well, kind of. As temperatures fall on Wednesday, we will be in the 30s Wednesday night. At the same time the rain will be on its way out. There is a slim chance that we could see a few snowflakes mix in with the rain. However, most (if not all) of the snow will likely be west of I-95. So if you are traveling pre-Thanksgiving, heads up to our west and north.

Add in a few windy days for Monday and Wednesday… A mix of sun and clouds to start the week… Plenty of sunshine for Thursday and Friday…

Just like an appetizer sampler platter, the 7day forecast has a little of almost everything.

-Meteorologist Myles Henderson